Ronnies House Advocates for Inclusive Hiring and Investment in Mental Health, Housing, and Family Reunification

Long Beach, CA – [Date] – Ronnies House, a pioneering organization in justice reform and leader in supporting justice-impacted individuals, presented its case before the Human Rights and Equity Commission on May 3rd, seeking their backing in urging the City of Long Beach Council to implement inclusive hiring practices for justice-impacted individuals and invest in mental health, housing, and family reunification initiatives.

In 2020, during the City of Long Beach’s Racial Reconciliation efforts, Ronnies House led the Reentry Roundtable, which facilitated robust conversations and resulted in recommendations that formed part of the Racial Reconciliation Blueprint. The organization is now pushing forward with the groundwork laid during these discussions, which has garnered strong support from the community.

Ronnies House is devoted to addressing the challenges faced by justice-impacted individuals, who often encounter significant barriers to employment, access to housing, and family reintegration. By championing inclusive hiring practices, the organization aims to create opportunities for these individuals to secure stable employment and contribute positively to their communities.

Additionally, Ronnies House emphasized the importance of investing in mental health services, housing programs, and family reunification efforts, which are crucial in facilitating the successful reentry of justice-impacted individuals into society. By addressing these fundamental needs, the organization believes it can help create a more equitable and compassionate community.

Ronnies House seeks the support of the Human Rights and Equity Commission to amplify their call for action and bring about meaningful change for the justice-impacted community. The organization hopes that, with the backing of the Commission, the City of Long Beach Council will acknowledge the pressing need for these initiatives and adopt policies that foster an inclusive and supportive environment for all residents.

For more information about Ronnies House and its advocacy efforts, please visit www.ronnieshouse.org.

About Ronnies House: Ronnies House is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering justice-impacted individuals through advocacy, support, and the provision of resources. The organization aims to create a more inclusive and equitable society by promoting opportunities for these individuals and addressing the challenges they face in their journey to reintegrate into their communities.