Ronnie’s House, established in 2016 and spearheaded by Executive Director Shirin Senegal, to carry on the legacy of her Husband Ronnie Senegal, who spent 18 years in prison, and after turning his life around he lost it to gun violence. Ronnie’s House has been a powerful force in advancing equity and policy change in the realms of reentry, cannabis equity, and small business development. Under Ms. Senegal’s leadership, the organization has made significant strides, including working with the Equity and Human Relations Commission of Long Beach, CA, to promote inclusive hiring practices in the city—a project nearing completion.

The foundation of Ronnie’s House, and its initiative Reentry Keys, was laid before Ronnie Senegal’s untimely passing. The mission was to create a support system that allows support to show up where they are and how they receive it.

Here’s a snapshot of the powerful services offered by Reentry Keys:

· Reentry Keys Annual Summit: A pivotal event that congregates the ecosystem working towards reducing recidivism. This summit is particularly unique as it is led by the voices of those who have experienced incarceration. It includes workshops, a resource fair, and opportunities for networking within the community.

90 Day Transformational program – 90 Day Program offers weekly workshops that advance individuals in financial literacy, emotional intelligence, legal rights, starting a business and more. During the process individuals are connected to funding to help them secure a trade or launch a business.

Extensive Resource Network: A website and app Reentry Keys provides access to an expansive array of resources, including over 4800 options to assist individuals in various aspects of their reintegration journey

Personalized Coaching and Support: Offering one-on-one coaching sessions through Resiliency Coaches, Reentry Keys helps individuals in areas such as housing, relationships, entrepreneurship, and special needs

Expungement: A website set up to support individuals with navigating expungement

The ethos of Ronnie’s House resonates with the belief that past mistakes should not dictate one’s future. Through their services, events, and advocacy, they aim to empower individuals, reduce recidivism rates, and enhance community health and cohesion.

For more information on the transformative efforts of Ronnie’s House and Reentry Keys, and their commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive society, visit