Fireside Conversation with Sam Lewis, Executive Director of ARC – From Lifer to Changemaker at the 4th Annual Reentry Keys Summit and Resource Fair

Long Beach, CA – Ronnie’s House is excited to announce the 4th Annual Reentry Keys Summit, taking place on June 27th and 28th. This transformative two-day event is dedicated to empowering individuals impacted by the justice system and supporting nonprofits, probation officers, and government agencies. The summit will feature an array of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops that focus on.

We are honored to announce that Sam Lewis, Executive Director of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), Commissioner on the LA County Probation Oversight Committee, and member of the Los Angeles County Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council, will be delivering a keynote speech on the importance of credible messengers and building a connected ecosystem to decrease recidivism.

“Sam’s own life experience, from serving a life sentence to becoming a leading changemaker, along with his passion for change, dedication, and proven track record, make him a pivotal voice in this crucial conversation,” says Shirin Senegal, Executive Director of Ronnie’s House.

Sam Lewis has firsthand experience with the obstacles, challenges, and difficulties faced by the prison and reentry populations. Sam was 18 years old when went to prison with a life sentence and had challenges reading and was released at the age of 42 on Jan 12, 2012. He is working on telling his story of hope and redemption.

In 2017, Sam founded the Hope and Redemption Team (HART), a groundbreaking initiative built from scratch. HART initially started in 9 California Prisons and by 2020, it was expanded to 29 prisons. The Hope and Redemption Team (HART) started with a group of 9 former California life prisoners and has since grown to 29 who go back into California state prisons to provide hope, demonstrate that redemption is achievable, and to prepare participants for successful reentry into our communities.

Sam went from lifer to changemaker, exemplifying the best of ARC: the desire to reach and walk with those most marginalized by society.

As Executive Director of ARC and a Commissioner on the LA County Probation Oversight Committee, Sam is committed to accountability and transparency. He believes in treating people with compassion and respect as they navigate the reentry ecosystem. Sam stresses the importance of the ecosystem working together to support successful reentry and decrease recidivism. As Sam says, “I’m working to transform the systems we have until we can replace them, unless the transformation is so radical that replacement is no longer necessary.”

Additionally, the “Champion of Justice Award” will be awarded to Pastor Troy Vaughn, Co-Founder of LAARP, for his unwavering dedication to justice reform.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative event focused on connecting our ecosystem to decrease recidivism. A Resource Fair will run June 27th with live music, dessert coffee and vendors in housing, workforce and more. More information www.reentrykeysummit.com or call 1-855-530-5397. There is no cost for those impacted by the system to attend.