Shirin Senegal on 104.7 FM in Los Angeles with host Josefa Salinas, to discuss Reentry Keys

Every year, over 600,000 people are released from prison with 48,000 laws stacked against them, making it challenging to get housing, jobs, trade licenses, education, and essential social services. Challenges navigating and accessing resources make it even more challenging. Reentry Keys wants to change that.

Reentry Keys is a website/app created by Ronnie’s House 501c3 in Long Beach, CA to bring together, government, nonprofit sector, and justice impacted community together to decrease recidivism. Reentry Key has aggregated over 4800 resources such as mental health, housing, jobs, youth, LGBQT, Foster care and hosts blogs, podcast, and videos, to empower our Justice Impacted Community. Reentry Keys was launched by Shirin Senegal to continue the work of her husband, Ronnie Senegal, who she met and married in thirty days, in 2011. “It was love at first site,” comments Shirin Senegal.

Ronnie’s House is hosting a Reentry Keys Summit from Apr 28 to Apr 29, during National Reentry Week. The Summit is co-sponsored by The Port of Long Beach, Long Beach American Legion, 729 Agency. This year’s focus is on Entrepreneurship and Mental Health. To Join Reentry Keys and sign up for Reentry Summit, www.reentrykeys.com.