Reentry Roundtable

Racial Reconciliation Reentry Roundtable

Ronnie’s House partnered with the City of Long Beach during the Racial Reconciliation Initiative to move reentry forward. Ronnies House the way in hosting a Racial Reconciliation roundtable with a focus on the Reentry Community. The roundtable brought together 80 individuals who were justice impacted, service providers, and government to discuss solutions around Reentry. Recommendations were then moved into the Racial Reconciliation initiative report presented to City Council and adopted by the city of Long Beach, to move equity forward.


Racial Reconciliation Roundtable Cannabis

In 2017, the Executive Director of Ronnie’s House began fighting to make the Cannabis Social Equity Program more equitable in the City of Long Beach. In 2020, Ronnie’s House hosted a Roundtable in partnership with the City of Long Beach during the Racial Reconciliation Initiative to foster the Social Equity program.  The roundtable resulted in moving Cannabis Social equity into a priority position in the final Racial Reconilaiton plan. Since then some policy has changed and is continuing to change to create better paths to Cannabis Social Equity. Ronnie’s House also Supported the creating of the investment piece, working with the Office of Equity, to ensure that investment through a social program is put back into youth leadership, gun violence, and reentry programming.   Ronnie’s House will continue the work of moving social equity policy forward locally and on a national level.

Economic Recovery Roundtable

As the world recovers economically it is important to understand that each group has its own challenges with the Economic Recovery process.  The City of Long Beach heard us and worked with Ronnie’s House to support a roundtable for those who have been impacted by the Justice system to hear their needs for recovery.

Their voices of our resilient Justice Impacted Community, led to Mayor Robert Garcia’s announcement, that the new Economic Recovery Package of 2021 will include funding to support our Justice Impacted Community.   Ronnie’s House creates the spaces those impacted create the solutions.

Economic Recovery Study Cal State

Thanks to CARES Act Funding and the determined minds of individuals like Tracy and John Keisler, an Economic Recovery Study was commissioned by the City of Long Beach to help us navigate recovery.  Ronnie’s House helped connect those who have been impacted by the Justice System to be heard and worked with Cal States professor, Heather, and her Team to ensure that the needs of those impacted by the Justice system and their experiences were heard.