Dedicated to the Life of Josefa Salinas

Ronnies House Honors the Legacy of Vice President Josefa Salinas at the 3rd Annual Reentry Keys Summit. This year’s summit holds special significance as it is dedicated to the memory of the late Josefa Salinas, our esteemed Vice President of the Board, of Ronnie’s House who lost her courageous battle with cancer in 2022.

Long Beach, CA – May 20, 2023 – Ronnies House, a leader in justice reform, is honored to announce the 3rd Annual Reentry Keys Summit. This event symbolizes a transformational junction of economic empowerment and healing strategies.

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Thanks to the County of Los Angeles!

Reentry Keys Economic and Healing Summit

Join us for a Transformational Experience!

Economic Empowerment and Healing Summit, specifically designed for individuals impacted by the justice system.

The summit will combine Economic Empowerment, such as entrepreneurship, jobs of the future, credit, and Healing, including Love and Relationships, Navigating Emotions, and Selfcare.

Our goal is to cultivate meaningful discussions and collaborations among Reentry Providers, Government Agencies, and the Justice Impacted community, working collectively to reduce recidivism rates. Our vision is rooted in the belief that, as a united “Village,” we can help our loved ones thrive and prosper upon returning home.

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Reentry keys summit


Join us for 2 days of empowerment and transformation. 30 Spots available!

*Schedule is subject to change.

Day 1
21 Jun 2023
Day 2
22 Jun 2023

State of Reentry

The State of Reentry Roundtable is focused on enhancing access to essential mental health services for our community members impacted by the justice system and their families. Our approach focuses...
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Jobs of the Future – Accessing up to $7,500 in Grants for Trades,Access Expungement Information , Access Credit/Budgeting Information

Secure your bag for the future with a career.  Learn about trades and how to access them, join a union and build financial security.

Opening/Mindful Meditation /Continental Breakfast Served

A Meditative Opening for the Reentry Summit” is a serene and introspective experience designed to set the tone for the entire summit, providing attendees with a sense of calm, focus,...
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Start A Business

Shift the Hustle and become a Rising entrepreneur. Join Dr. Wade, the renowned director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Cal State, for a 90-minute workshop, equipping you...
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Healing Lunch – Healing the Trauma

Beyond Trauma: Healing, Resilience, and Growth” is an engaging and supportive workshop that explores the journey of healing and personal growth following traumatic experiences. In this workshop, participants will gain...
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Navigating Relationships -Welcome to have your partner meet you for this workshop!

It is a 90-minute workshop designed to nurture Love and communication in both new and established relationships. By participating in the workshop, you can expect to gain practical tools and knowledge,...
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Fireside conversation to close out and last thoughts

Close the day off with positive affirmations and commitment to follow through on your plan.

Reentry Keys Economic and Healing Transformational Summit

Careers of the Future, How to Launch A Business, Credit and Budget, Beyond the Trauma, Navigating Relationships and Mindful Meditation

June 21 to 22, 2023.  Long Beach, CA

9AM – 6:00PM

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